Euphorbia stenoclada

Euphorbia stenoclada 2


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Euphorbia stenoclada is a unique and visually striking succulent, belonging to the large Euphorbia genus. Native to Madagascar, this plant has evolved to thrive in arid conditions with well-draining soil.

The plant boasts slender, greyish-blue branches that grow in a vertical fashion, giving it a distinct, almost skeletal appearance. Younger branches are green, turning grey as they mature. The branches are almost leafless, with small, ephemeral leaves appearing only briefly during the growing season.

In its native habitat, Euphorbia stenoclada grows in rocky terrains and is adept at conserving water. However, like many Euphorbias, it secretes a milky sap when damaged. This sap is toxic and can be irritating to the skin and eyes, so handling with care is paramount.

While predominantly grown for ornamental purposes, due to its unique look, it’s essential for gardeners and enthusiasts to be aware of the plant’s toxic sap and take precautions when handling or pruning.




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