Euphorbia decaryi var. spirosticha

Euphorbia decaryi var. spirosticha


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This intriguing succulent hails from the Euphorbia genus, a diverse group known for its often striking forms. Euphorbia decaryi var. spirosticha is no exception, with its unique, eye-catching appearance.

Visually, the plant presents spirally arranged, elongated leaves that give it a somewhat undulating or wavy form. These leaves are often tinged with a purplish or reddish hue, especially when exposed to high light levels. The spiraled pattern of the leaves is the main distinctive trait that differentiates it from other varieties.

Native to the dry and rocky terrains of Madagascar, it’s accustomed to surviving in challenging conditions with minimal water. As with many Euphorbias, the plant exudes a milky sap when cut or broken. It’s essential to handle with care as this sap can be irritating to the skin and eyes. When cultivating or propagating, gloves are recommended to prevent any adverse reactions.


90 mm pot, Cutting


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