Euphorbia Ambatofinandranae

Euphorbia stenoclada ssp ambatofinandranae


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Euphorbia stenoclada ssp ambatofinandranae is a unique and intriguing succulent from the diverse Euphorbia genus. Distinctively silver-gray in color, its branching, almost skeletal form features slender and elongated stems which give it a stark, sculptural appearance. This particular subspecies is differentiated by its narrower stems and slightly different growth habits as compared to the typical Euphorbia stenoclada.

Endemic to Madagascar, it thrives in arid, rocky habitats, often being found in the limestone plateau regions. Its natural habitat is an indicator of its drought-resistant properties, making it a perfect choice for dry garden settings or xeriscaping. It’s also an attractive option for collectors looking for a unique and low-maintenance addition to their collection.

While its appearance and drought-resistance make it desirable, care should be taken when handling Euphorbia stenoclada ssp ambatofinandranae. Like many Euphorbias, it exudes a milky sap when broken or cut, which can be irritating to the skin and harmful if ingested. Ensure it’s placed away from pets and children and always wear gloves when handling or pruning.




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