Empress of Germany

Disocactus phyllanthoides


The Empress of Germany is a flowering cactus plant as beautiful and as elegant as it’s name suggests. This Disocactus is a medium sized succulent with branching stems growing about 6mm thick and up to 1m in length. The gorgeous rose-like flowers are pink with it’s colouration being deeper in the centres and each bloom opening between 7-10cm wide.


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Empress of Germany

Botanical Name: Disocactus phyllanthoides

Common Names: Empress of Germany, German Empress, Pond Lily Cactus.

The Empress of Germany is a succulent and an epiphyte, meaning it can grow in soil, in rocky substrates and even in trees if it’s native climate is replicated. It is sensitive to extreme heat and cold, making this plant ideal as an ornamental houseplant.

This succulent has been known to be confused with the Zygocactus, but can easily be differentiated and identified by the unique nodules on the spines and by the shape and colour of the flowers.

Oddly enough, the Empress of Germany is native to Mexico. It does not commonly occur naturally, making this plant a rare and exciting find. The climate of Mexico can be replicated in most Australian Gardens by using a well draining soil, adding sand to the potting mix can help. Also allow the plant to dry out completely between deep watering.

This succulent will prefer shade to sun. Ideally, in a position which gets morning sun and is kept protected from the harsh midday/afternoon sun.