Dunce Caps

Orostachys iwarenge var. boehmeri


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Dunce Caps, or Chinese Dunce Caps, are captivating succulents known as Orostachys iwarenge var. boehmeri. With their low-growing, clumping habit, these plants stand out in any collection. Rather than producing offset pups from the base like most succulents, Dunce Caps form pups on long stems atop the plant, resembling flowers. Over time, these pups grow larger and develop roots, creating sprawling clumps. The rosettes of Dunce Caps are compact, measuring 5-7 cm in diameter. Delicate white-pink flowers add a soft touch to their appearance. Native to Japan, Dunce Caps thrive in full to part sun but are intolerant of high humidity. It’s crucial to let the soil dry completely between waterings, as they are drought-tolerant. With their unique growth pattern and charming aesthetics, Dunce Caps bring intrigue and whimsy to succulent gardens and containers. Enjoy the captivating beauty of Dunce Caps as they form expanding clumps and continue to captivate succulent enthusiasts.


Offset Pups (x4)