Dunce Caps Variegated

Orostachys iwarenge var. boehmeri variegata


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Common Names: Variegated Dunce Caps, Variegated Chinese Dunce Caps

Description: The Dunce Caps are a low growing clumping succulent which can be easily identified by its unique way of producing pups. Instead of growing offset pups from the base of the plant like many other succulents, the Orostachys will develop pups on long stems from the top of the plant, which are often mistaken for flowers. These pups eventually get larger in size and produce roots until they become established, forming wide spread clumps.

Flowers: white-pink

Size:  Each individual rosette are tightly formed and only grow to a diameter of 5-7cm.

Growing Season: Spring and Summer

Origin: Japan

Positioning: Does not tolerate humidity, Full to part sun.

Care Instructions: Allow soil to dry out completely between watering.


Offset Pups (x4)