Drunkard’s Dream

Hatiora salicornioides


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This little bushy cactus shrub is typically grown for its glorious burst of bell-shaped orange-yellow flowers. Growing up to 60cm tall, Dancing Bones is slender, erect and arching, with bottle-shaped segmented stems. An epiphytic cactus, meaning it grows on other plants, it is native to Brazil.

Relatively easy to care for provided it is given well-drained soil and a warm position. It likes indirect light with a bit of morning and evening sun. Unusually, this plant enjoys a good beauty sleep of at least 14 hours, so give it a hand by covering with a paper bag to shut out sunlight. Its flowers also easily drop off if the plant is bumped, so avoid moving the plant once flower buds have appeared. Give it a month’s rest after flowering with sparing water. Other common names for this plant include Drunkard’s Dream, Spice Cactus and Bottle Cactus.


140 mm pot, Cutting