Desert Rose

Adenium obesum


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Adenium Obesium is a striking succulent that goes by many names including the Desert Rose, Sabi star, Kudu, Mock Azalea, and Impala Lily. Native to Africa and the Middle East, the Desert Rose is not actually a rose, but a close relative of Alamandas and Frangipanis.

When given enough space to grow, the Desert Rose can reach heights of up to 1.5 meters, making it a spectacular centerpiece in any garden. This succulent thrives in full sun or partial shade, but it’s important to keep it dry during the winter months and protect it from frost. To prevent rot, make sure to plant the Desert Rose in well-drained soil.

The Desert Rose is a truly captivating plant that demands attention. From its charismatic swollen bulbous trunks to the stunning colors of its flowers, there’s no part of this plant that doesn’t intrigue. When grown from seed, the Desert Rose typically produces flowers with a white center that fades to a pink edge. However, it can also produce flowers in a variety of colors including white, yellow, red, and many other unique combinations.


130 mm pot, 170 mm pot, 200 mm pot