Crown Of Thorns, Medium Cream White

Euphorbia millii 'medium cream white'


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Introducing the stunning Crown of Thorns plant, also known as Euphorbia millii ‘medium cream white’. This evergreen Madagascan spurge is considered to be the “true” Crown of Thorns and is said to be the plant from which Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns was made. With bright green, leathery foliage and grey stems, it produces vivid red flowers that bloom year-round, reaching their peak in spring.

This particular variety of Crown of Thorns produces cream-white flowers that contrast beautifully with its foliage. It makes an excellent potted plant and can also be planted in beds and borders for a burst of color in the garden. As with all Crown of Thorns plants, this variety is very easy to care for, requiring only minimal watering and well-drained soil to thrive. It does well in full sun to part shade.

It is essential to handle the Crown of Thorns with care, as all euphorbias have a latex sap that is an irritant to the skin and eyes. Additionally, it is poisonous if ingested, so it is crucial to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Please note that Euphorbias are for ornamental purposes only and should not be ingested. While they do not typically require pruning or maintenance, handling the plant with care is highly recommended due to the latex sap.

Add this beautiful and easy-to-care-for Crown of Thorns plant to your collection today and enjoy its stunning cream-white flowers!