Crinkle Leaf Plant

Adromischus cristatus


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The Adromischus Cristatus, commonly referred to as the Crinkle Leaf Plant or Key Lime Pie, is a unique and charming succulent native to South Africa. This compact and slow-growing plant features branching stems in shades of green to grey-green, with a distinctive crinkled edge that adds to its visual appeal.

During the flowering season, the Crinkle Leaf Plant produces long, narrow stalks that showcase delicate white petals with hints of red. Despite its small size, this succulent can spread wide if given enough space, making it a great addition to gardens and succulent arrangements alike.

The Crinkle Leaf Plant typically grows up to 5cm in height, with its flowering stems able to reach up to 20cm tall. To thrive, this plant requires ample sunlight and well-draining soil, which can be achieved by mixing sand with high-quality potting mix. It should be kept in full sun or part shade, and protected from frost to ensure its longevity.

Overall, the Adromischus Cristatus is a unique and beautiful succulent that can brighten up any space with its distinctive crinkle leaf feature and delicate blooms.


90 mm pot, Leaves, Leaves (x4)