Coromandel Cacti

Euphorbia nivulia cristata


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Euphorbia nivulia cristata, while sometimes referred to under the umbrella term “Coromandel Cacti”, is a unique and intriguing succulent. Hailing from the Euphorbia family, it doesn’t belong to the true cactus family but shares several resemblances.

Characterised by its fleshy, green stems that exhibit a fascinating crested formation, the Euphorbia nivulia cristata has an undulating, wavy appearance, often resembling underwater coral. The crests can grow both vertically and horizontally, with ridges dotted by small thorn-like spines. Unlike most cacti, it lacks large, pronounced spines and doesn’t produce conspicuous flowers.

Native to regions of India, this succulent is typically found in arid to semi-arid environments, adeptly thriving in well-draining soils and under full to partial sunlight. Being drought-tolerant, it requires minimal watering and is best suited for container gardening or xeriscapes.

While this plant can be an exquisite addition to a garden or home, caution should be exercised due to its latex, which is irritating to skin and eyes. It’s advised to handle with care and keep away from pets and children.


90 mm pot, Cutting


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