Coral Breeze

Rhipsalis cassutha


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Rhipsalis are jungle cacti, with about 35 species, all commonly known as Mistletoe Cactus as they bear little fruits that resemble mistletoe berries. Native to Africa, Sri Lanka and South America, they are epiphytic plants, meaning they grow on other plants, but they have adapted to be able to grow in soil. A shaggy haired trailer that forms hanging clusters, Cassutha has stems that trail up to a metre long.

This trailing habit makes them especially suited to hanging baskets and containers where they will cascade over edges. is a relatively fast grower in the right conditions. It likes warmth and humid temperatures so can be tricky to keep indoors, but it does well in baskets in well lit positions out of direct sun, with good ventilation. Misting the leaves can also help increase humidity. A unique plant, loved for its unusual foliage.


140 mm pot, Cutting, Rooted Cutting