Coral beads

Sedum stahlii


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Sedum stahlii, commonly known as “Coral Beads” or “Berries and Cream,” is a distinctive succulent plant characterized by its small, bead-like leaves that exhibit a deep green to reddish-brown coloration. This color transformation occurs as the plant is exposed to sunlight, giving it a coral-like appearance, which is the origin of its common name. Native to Mexico, Sedum stahlii thrives in rocky and mountainous terrains, adapting well to arid environments.

The plant forms low, bushy clumps that can spread outwards, making it an attractive option for ground cover, rock gardens, or as an intriguing addition to succulent arrangements. The leaves of Sedum stahlii are thick, fleshy, and cylindrical, growing along the stem in a somewhat sparse manner, which allows the stems to be visible. This unique growth pattern, combined with the color of its leaves, contributes to its ornamental appeal.

Sedum stahlii blooms in the summer, producing small, star-shaped, yellow flowers that contrast beautifully with its colorful foliage. It prefers well-draining soil and requires minimal water, making it an ideal plant for xeriscaping or for gardeners seeking low-maintenance options. Like many succulents, it is sensitive to overwatering, which can lead to root rot. Additionally, while it can tolerate partial shade, the most vibrant leaf coloration is achieved with exposure to full sun. It is also frost-sensitive and should be protected from freezing temperatures, making it suitable for cultivation in containers in regions with cold winters.




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