Cherry Red Peanut Cactus

Chamaelobivia Hybrid 'Cherry Red'


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Chamaelobivia Hybrid ‘Cherry Red’ is a striking cactus hybrid that arises from the cross between the genera Chamaecereus and Lobivia. It is often characterized by its vibrant cherry-red flowers, which are particularly radiant and attention-grabbing. The cylindrical stems of this plant can be both short and long, densely packed with petite spines, giving it a robust yet pleasing aesthetic.

Native to South America, it is well-suited for dry, arid environments and thrives with plenty of sunlight. Like many cacti, it requires minimal water, making it a popular choice for those seeking low-maintenance plants or a starter cactus. Its compact size allows it to fit perfectly on windowsills or as a part of a container garden.

The ‘Cherry Red’ is primarily ornamental, often used to add a pop of color to gardens or indoor spaces. However, as with many cacti, care should be taken when handling the plant due to its spines, which can be prickly. It’s always a good practice to wear gloves when repotting or handling to prevent accidental pricks.

While it doesn’t have a widespread common name, its vibrant blossoms have earned it admiration among cactus enthusiasts and gardeners alike.


90 mm pot


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