Cathedral Window

Haworthia cymbiformis


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The Cathedral Window, also known as the Boat-formed Haworthia or Window Boats, is a small and slow-growing succulent that is prized for its hardiness and ease of care. With its unique shape and striking coloration, the Cathedral Window is a popular choice for succulent arrangements such as bonsai or fairy gardens, and also makes a great gift for a home or office desk.

Often mistaken for other haworthia succulents, the Cathedral Window can be distinguished by its small triangular leaves, which are arranged in a star-shaped rosette. Native to South Africa, this plant thrives in well-drained, drier conditions and makes a stunning display when grown in clusters in a wide and shallow pot or tray. Over time, the mother plant will send off pups, allowing the cluster to spread and create a beautiful, natural-looking arrangement.

Unlike other succulents, the Cathedral Window has semi-translucent leaves that allow light to filter through, creating a stunning effect reminiscent of stained glass windows in a cathedral. The neat arrangement of the leaves makes this plant an excellent choice for those who appreciate symmetry and order in their succulent arrangements.

Overall, the Cathedral Window is a beautiful and unique succulent that is easy to care for and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any indoor or outdoor space.


90 mm pot, Off set pup