C. capitella 'Campfire'


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The Campfire, scientifically known as Crassula corymbulosa coccinea ‘flame,’ is a striking succulent renowned for its vibrant colors and compact growth habit. This variety of Crassula features leaves with green centers and bright red tips, creating a captivating contrast. Interestingly, the coloration intensifies when the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, adding a fiery touch to its appearance. Standing at around 15cm tall, Campfire forms clusters that can spread up to 90cm in width, making it a visually appealing addition to any space.

During the summer growing season, Campfire produces small white buttercup blooms, adding a delicate touch to its already dazzling display. This succulent’s name accurately reflects its foliage, which takes on a deeper red hue when exposed to extreme cold or intense sunlight.

To ensure healthy growth, it is crucial to provide well-drained conditions for the Campfire. The Crassula species are susceptible to root rot and fungal diseases, so it’s important to avoid overwatering and ensure the plant is never left sitting in water. A recommended approach is to use a high-quality potting soil mixed with sand, creating a well-drained environment. Allow the soil to thoroughly dry out between watering sessions to prevent moisture-related issues.

The Campfire thrives in tropical climates, but it can be cultivated successfully in Australian gardens by replicating similar conditions. Allowing the plant to dry out completely between deep watering sessions helps recreate the preferred growing environment. With its vibrant colors and relatively easy care requirements, the Campfire is a delightful addition to gardens, succulent collections, or as a focal point in various indoor or outdoor settings.


90 mm pot, Cutting