Brown Sugar

Echeveria racemosa


Brown Sugar is a uniquely shaped Echeveria with elongated leaves forming an open star-like rosette. The crowns develop leaves that are green in the crowns and blend into a brownish-burgundy colour in the tips, comparable to the colour of brown sugar. With characteristics like these, this little succulent is as sweet as can be.

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Brown Sugar

Botanical Name: Echeveria racemosa

Common Name: Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is a slow growing succulent with rosettes that can grow up to 20cm across.

Echeveria are native to Central and Southern America where they will thrive in hot and dry climates. These conditions can be replicated in Australian gardens by using a good quality potting soil, mixed with sand to create a well draining environment, and protecting your succulent from extreme cold weather and frost.

Echeveria typically love full sun, but in extreme conditions can become sunburned. this is easy to identify by the burnt or brown looking spots that appear on the leaves. An ideal location for your Echeveria would get plenty of morning to midday sun, but be shaded in the extreme heat of summer through the hottest parts of the day.

Echeveria enjoy dry soil and are susceptible to root and leaf rot. To ensure your succulent is healthy and thrives in your garden, ensure that it is left to completely dry out between deep watering. It is recommended to water your Echeveria in the morning so that sun can help dry out the crown of the plant as standing water is the leading cause for plant rot. Otherwise, a quick shake of your pot or firm blow can move the water along.


130 mm pot, 90 mm pot, Cutting