Boot Strap Rhipsalis

Rhipsalis micrantha


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This particular plant is a very rare subspecies and is native only to rainforests of Southern Ecuador. Beautiful and unusual plant prized by collectors! It features small, white flowers on long, segmented stems either flat or triangular in shape depending on their age and can grow up to a metre long. Bootstrap Rhipsalis are flowering plants in the cactus family, all commonly known as Mistletoe Cacti. The Rhipsalis genus comprises over 60 species native to South America.

Most are epiphytic (live in trees) and have hanging stems making them excellent hanging basket specimens. They are classified as jungle cacti, loving some humidity and shade, so keep moist throughout the year and they also benefit from misting. Commonly grown indoors, they must be carefully placed away at least 50cm away from sunny windows and they will do best when planted in clay pots which allows soil to “breathe” better. Also looks great in a container garden, large vivarium/terrarium or as a houseplant.


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