Black Milkweed

Stapelianthus decaryi


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Introducing the Stapelianthus Decaryi, also known as the Black Milkweed! Hailing from the open landscapes of Southern Madagascar, this extraordinary asclepiad succulent is sure to captivate with its unique characteristics and intriguing beauty.

Growing in low-running formations, this succulent forms substantial and dense clumps, creating an impressive display of lush foliage. Its most enchanting feature is the delicate cream-colored flowers adorned with mesmerizing red spots. While visually appealing, these flowers also emit a subtle carrion scent, which acts as a natural lure for flies, enabling pollination to take place.

To ensure optimal growth and development, the Stapelianthus Decaryi thrives in sunny positions, soaking up the warmth of sunlight. It appreciates well-drained and gritty soil, allowing excess moisture to freely escape and preventing the risk of waterlogging. By providing these ideal conditions, you can help this remarkable succulent flourish.

Embrace the uncommon allure of the Black Milkweed in your indoor or outdoor garden. Its unique appearance and captivating fragrance add a touch of intrigue and fascination to any plant collection. Whether you’re an experienced succulent enthusiast or just beginning your journey into the world of exotic plants, the Stapelianthus Decaryi will surely captivate your senses and elevate your botanical haven.

Indulge in the extraordinary beauty of the Black Milkweed and experience the natural wonders of Southern Madagascar right in your own space.


90 mm pot, Cutting