Bird’s Nest Cactus

Mammillaria decipiens


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Behold the captivating Bird’s Nest Cactus, scientifically known as Mammillaria decipiens. This eccentric and twisted succulent is an absolute showstopper, guaranteed to captivate the hearts of both budding enthusiasts and seasoned collectors of the extraordinary. Its unique charm lies in the enchanting maze of crazy, twisted thorns that envelop the numerous stems emerging from its clustering green-gray form. Unlike its Mammillaria counterparts, the spines of this cactus are surprisingly soft and not overly sharp, making it a perfect choice for those seeking an intriguing yet user-friendly addition to their collection.

Come springtime, prepare to be greeted by a delightful surprise as delicate white-greenish flowers emerge, exuding a sweet fragrance that entices both humans and pollinators alike. With stems ranging from 4 to 7 cm in diameter and a cluster mound that can reach heights of up to 10 cm, this peculiar beauty demands attention wherever it is displayed.

Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Central Mexico, the Bird’s Nest Cactus thrives best in partial shade, as excessive sunlight may cause sunburn. Fear not, for its care requirements are as captivating as its appearance. This hardy and low-maintenance cactus flourishes in well-draining, porous mineral soil. During winter, it appreciates a dry spell, making it an ideal choice for those with a busy schedule or a penchant for hands-off plant care.

So, whether you’re a novice gardener looking to embark on an exciting cactus journey or a seasoned collector in search of the next peculiar gem, the Bird’s Nest Cactus awaits, ready to add a touch of twisted wonder to your botanical haven.


130 mm pot, 90 mm pot, Off set pup


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