Baker Aloe

Aloe bakeri


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The Baker Aloe, also known as Dwarf Aloe or Aloe bakeri, is a stunning succulent that is beloved for its delicate form and multi-colored foliage. This plant produces long, thin leaves that range in color from bright green to bronze and tones of red, depending on the season. The rosettes of the Baker Aloe interweave with each other, creating clusters of speckled foliage that are visually striking and structurally interesting.

Native to Madagascar, the Baker Aloe is a small plant that typically grows up to 20cm in height and can form clusters up to 40cm wide. It is a branching and pup-producing succulent, making it an excellent choice for creating visually appealing arrangements in dish gardens or on windowsills.

The Baker Aloe thrives in bright spots with good ventilation and shelter. During its growth phase, it requires regular watering, but it should receive next to no water when it is dormant. This plant is ideal for those who are looking for a low-maintenance houseplant that adds a pop of color to their space.

It’s worth noting that despite its name, the Baker Aloe doesn’t bear any resemblance to baked goods. Instead, it was named in honor of the British Horticulturalist, John Gilbert Baker.


130 mm pot, Off set pup