Arizona Snow Cap

Mammillaria vetula subsp. gracilis


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Common Names: Arizona Snow Cap, Globe Cactus, Nipple Cactus, Fish Hook Cactus, Pin Cushion Cactus.

These are all generic common names for all cacti in the Mammillaria species. The Nipple Cactus name has derived from its Latin name “Mammillaria” meaning “nipple”. This cactus could be correctly referred to by any of these common names.

Description: This Mammillaria species produces sharp spines in clusters on round silver-green globular bodies with its spines becoming a prominent deeper red colour when exposed to more direct sun light.

Flowers: Yellow to pink flowers develop in the Spring and Summer.

Size: Growing in clumps with individual globes up to 10cm tall and clumps 13cm wide.

Growing Season: Spring and Summer.

Origin: Mexico and North America.

Positioning: Full to part shade.

Care Instructions: Water well during the spring and summer, and keep drier during the winter to encourage an active flowering season. Keep in a well-draining position or a pot with a good sized drainage hole. Allow soil to dry out completely in between thorough watering.


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