Andrews Choice

Echeveria 'Andrews Choice'


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Echeveria ‘Andrews Choice’ is a striking rosette-forming succulent. Its fleshy, spatulate leaves are typically pale green, often exhibiting subtle hints of pink or red, especially when exposed to high light conditions. The leaves form a tight rosette that can grow up to 15 cm in diameter. The plant often produces tall arching inflorescences bearing bell-shaped, vibrant flowers, further adding to its ornamental appeal.

Native to the semi-desert regions of Central America, Echeverias, including ‘Andrews Choice’, prefer well-draining soil and are drought tolerant. These plants thrive in full to partial sunlight, but care should be taken to gradually acclimate them to direct sun to prevent leaf scorch.

A popular choice for rock gardens, container gardening, and indoor displays, this Echeveria is prized for its low maintenance and sculptural appearance. However, it’s important to note that Echeverias can be sensitive to frost, so they should be protected or brought indoors during colder months. No common name has been widely recognized for Echeveria ‘Andrews Choice’.


170 mm pot, Cutting


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