Aloe Jucunda

Aloe jucunda


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Aloe Jucunda, also known as a Miniature Aloe, is a small and striking succulent native to Somalia. Unfortunately, due to deforestation and grazing livestock, it has been listed as critically endangered in its natural habitat. While it may become extinct in the wild, it can still be found in nurseries and home gardens, where it can be propagated and appreciated.

This succulent grows in dense groups and forms rosettes that stand about 40cm in height. Its dark green glossy leaves are decorated with transparent cream spots, and its edges are lined with red-brown teeth. The striking contrast of colors in this succulent adds interest despite its small size.

The flowers of the Miniature Aloe grow in clusters on 30cm tall stalks and are typically bouquets of about 20 pale pink to coral bell-shaped flowers. Like other Aloe species, this plant thrives in sunny locations where the soil is left to dry out between deep watering, and then left drier in the winters.

In summary, the Aloe Jucunda, or Miniature Aloe, is a stunning and unique succulent that is unfortunately critically endangered in its natural habitat. However, with propagation efforts, it can continue to be enjoyed in nurseries and home gardens. Its striking appearance, small size, and easy-to-care-for nature make it an ideal addition to any succulent collection.


130 mm pot, Off set pup