African Milk Bush

Euphorbia umbellata


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Euphorbia umbellata, commonly referred to as the African Milk Bush, is a succulent that originates from Africa. Its appearance is characterized by long, slender branches that sprout from the base, giving it an almost tree-like stature. The green stems are covered in petite leaves that tend to cluster towards the tips. As with many members of the Euphorbia genus, when cut or damaged, the plant oozes a milky latex sap.

Its natural habitat includes arid regions in Africa, where it has adapted to survive under conditions of limited water and intense sunlight. These characteristics make it a popular choice for succulent enthusiasts looking for a hardy plant for their collection.

One of the most notable features of the African Milk Bush is its unique branching structure, which can become an ornamental focal point in gardens or terrariums. However, caution is advised when handling this plant. The milky latex it produces can be irritating to the skin and eyes and is toxic when ingested. Always handle with care and keep away from pets and children.




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