African Blood Lily

Haemanthus multiflorus


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There are 60 plants in the South African genus Scadoxus multiflorus (previously known as the Haemanthus multiflorus) including this gorgeous perennial bulb. A scentless flower, it nevertheless looks stunning when potted and moved to window settings while in bloom. The term “Haemanthus” means blood flower in Latin, but the African Blood Lily actually comes in both red and white flowers. Its foliage is unusually tongue-shaped and broad, while the flowers grow in small clusters.

A much-loved houseplant, the African Blood Lily loves a bright room and a warm temperature. Very easy to maintain and will show off its flowers for three to four months a year. (Also known as Katherine Lily, Fireball Lily, Bloodflower, Katherine Wheel, Oxtongue Lily, Powderpuff Lily, Poison Root).

During the Winter, this succulent goes into complete dormancy and the main leaf and stem die back leaving only the bulb under the soil. The African Blood Lily quickly grows back to full size and will typically demonstrate a showy display of bright red blooms during Spring through to Summer.


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