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  • Tiny Tree

    Trichodiadema bulbosum

    Tiny Tree, Trichocaulon bulbosum, is a small, slow-growing caudiciform succulent that resembles a miniature tree. Native to the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces of the Republic of South Africa, this plant has wiry stems that grow up to 30-60cm in height, forming a rounded shrub. It has small, cylindrical, grey-green leaves that feature a white…

  • White Vygie

    Trichodiadema mirabile

    White Vygie, also known as Trichodiadema mirabile, is a delightful miniature succulent subshrub that is easy to care for and low maintenance. It grows up to 10cm tall and features long stems, flat grey leaves with white bristles, and blunt tips. Its long-lasting white flowers make it a beautiful groundcover that resembles a white carpet…