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  • Baby Blue’s

    Sedum clavatum

    Pretty, easy care spreading evergreen succulent with cylindrical blue chalk-stick shaped leaves. Rosettes up to 30cm in diameter form from bluish-green leaves which can turn a gorgeous light pink if the plant is stressed. Growing up to 10 cm to 15cm tall and 20 cm wide, the plant spreads forming a thick turquoise carpet which…

  • Baby Donkey Tail

    Sedum burrito

    Sedum burrito, commonly known as Baby Donkey Tail or Burro’s Tail, is a popular succulent plant known for its distinctive trailing growth habit. This plant features long, hanging stems densely covered with small, rounded, fleshy green leaves. The leaves are tightly packed along the stems, resembling a tail, which gives the plant its common name….

  • Blue Jelly Bean

    Sedum pachyphyllum

    Experience the whimsical allure of Sedum pachyphyllum, lovingly known as the Blue Jelly Bean. This delightful succulent captures hearts with its unique charm and eye-catching features. With its plump, jelly bean-shaped leaves, this Sedum variety showcases a mesmerizing powdery blue-green hue. The chubby leaves glisten under sunlight, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity. Its…

  • Blue Tears

    Sedum dasyphyllum

    Sedum dasyphyllum, commonly known as ‘Blue Tears’, is a species of the Sedum genus, known for its delicate and attractive appearance. This succulent plant features small, round, tightly packed leaves that form a dense, low-growing mat. The foliage of ‘Blue Tears’ is notable for its blue-green color, which can take on a purple hue in…

  • Burro’s Tail

    Sedum morganianum

    Sedum morganianum, commonly known as Burro’s Tail or Donkey Tail, is a succulent plant renowned for its distinctive trailing growth habit and lush, pendulous stems. This plant is closely related to Sedum burrito, often referred to as Baby Donkey Tail, but it is characterized by its longer, more tapered leaves and stems that can grow…

  • Canny Hinny

    Sedum pink berry

    Sedum pink berry aka Canny Hinny is a beautiful succulent with fleshy leaves that looks like a upright donkey tail. It prefers full sun to partial shade and require minimal watering, making them excellent choices for xeriscaping, rock gardens, and containers. During the winter, watering should be reduced to reflect the plant’s natural dormancy period.

  • Cherry Tart

    Sedum 'Cherry Tart'

    Introducing the Cherry Tart, a succulent sensation with year-round allure. Its vibrant foliage, reminiscent of luscious cherries, remains a captivating sight, making it a true standout in any setting. As a sedum variety, it effortlessly produces offsets, gradually spreading and creating a visually pleasing display. In spring, be treated to the sight of deep pink…

  • Comic Tom

    Sedum commixtum

    Sedum commixtum, commonly referred to as ‘Comic Tom’, is a lesser-known yet visually appealing species within the diverse Sedum genus. This succulent plant is appreciated for its ornamental qualities, including its lush, green foliage and the vibrant flowers it produces. However, it’s important to note that there might be some confusion or misidentification with the…

  • Coral beads

    Sedum stahlii

    Sedum stahlii, commonly known as “Coral Beads” or “Berries and Cream,” is a distinctive succulent plant characterized by its small, bead-like leaves that exhibit a deep green to reddish-brown coloration. This color transformation occurs as the plant is exposed to sunlight, giving it a coral-like appearance, which is the origin of its common name. Native…

  • Corsican stonecrop

    Sedum dasyphyllum minor

    Sedum dasyphyllum ‘Minor’, commonly known as Corsican Stonecrop, is a diminutive and enchanting variety of the Sedum species. This succulent plant is highly valued for its dense, mat-forming growth habit and its tiny, round, blue-green leaves that can exhibit hints of purple in cooler temperatures or when exposed to full sun. The compact nature of…

  • Craigii

    Sedum craigii

    Sedum craigii a rare growing succulent that has thick plump fleshy leaves and is a purple – silvery colour.

  • Forsterianum Oracle

    Sedum 'Grey Blob'

    Sedum ‘Grey Blob’, scientifically known as Sedum forsterianum ‘Oracle’, is an intriguing succulent that captures attention with its unique appearance. This variety is characterized by its small, densely packed, greyish-green leaves that form a low-growing, spreading mat. The foliage has a soft, almost velvety texture, and the color can vary from grey to blue-green, depending…

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy

    Sedum dasyphyllum var. glanduliferum

    Sedum dasyphyllum var. glanduliferum, affectionately known as ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’, is a less commonly encountered variety of the Sedum dasyphyllum species. This particular variety stands out due to its distinctive foliage, which is slightly larger than that of the typical Sedum dasyphyllum and has a unique, fuzzy texture that gives the plant its whimsical common name….

  • Giant Jelly Bean

    Sedum lucidum obesum

    This sedum boasts it’s chubby rosettes with leaves that look like little jelly beans. When planted in less sun the Giant Jelly Bean will be a deep gorgeous deep green colour, but when planted in full sun or part sun, the tips and edges of these little jelly bean leaves will turn red. This succulent…

  • Gold Moss

    Sedum acre

    Sedum acre, commonly known as Gold Moss, is a vigorous, evergreen perennial succulent that is part of the Crassulaceae family. This plant is highly appreciated for its dense, mat-forming growth habit and its ability to thrive in challenging conditions. Gold Moss features small, fleshy, bright green leaves that form a tight, carpet-like coverage over the…

  • Gold Mound

    Sedum mexicanum

    A beautifully textured Mexican stonecrop known as Gold Mound, this fleshy evergreen groundcover is a cultivar which forms a dense mat of needle-like chartreuse-coloured leaves together with masses of yellow, star-shaped flowers. Growing to about 25cm tall and 60cm wide, it creates a colour-popping, textured carpet that is wonderful in landscaping. Colour changing, its leaves…