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  • White Aspen Christmas Cactus

    Schlumbergera aspen

    A free-flowering hybrid succulent which has been in cultivation since the early 1800s with Brazilian native parentage. Striking and unusual, the so-called “White Aspen Christmas Cactus” is easy to grow in potplants and hanging baskets, where it will show off its extraordinary snow-white, frilly-edged blooms. Although its serrated carnation-like petals are accented by a red…

  • Zygocactus

    Schlumbergera truncata

    Note: The name of this plant has recently been changed to Schlumbergera truncata, but it is still commonly known as the Zygocactus or Christmas Cactus. The Zygocactus is a popular choice for holiday decorations, as it typically blooms in late fall or early winter, producing vibrant flowers in shades of pink, red, orange, and white….