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  • Elephant Bush

    Portulacaria afra variegata

    This plant is a favoured food of elephants in its native southern Africa, hence its name. However, it is also edible for humans and is locally used in cooking to add a sour flavour. A very large, bushy succulent, it can grow to unbelievable heights (such as 3.6m tall!) under the right growing conditions, but…

  • Giant Money Tree

    Portulacaria afra macrophylla

    This low maintenance houseplant is a fairly fast-growing perennial succulent shrub which is a subspecies of the South African native Portulacaria afra. A gorgeous semi-evergreen, it forms upright multi-stemmed shrubs that can grow very tall in nature, but are smaller in cultivation. Fleshy, flattish, round to oval leaves are glossy emerald green and it produces…

  • Gold Money Tree

    Portulacaria afra gold

    This visual treat is grown for its beautiful golden foliage, with leaves a lovely golden ochre colour that fades over time to a bright limey green. It also produces pink and feathery-looking blooms. Commonly called the Gold Money Tree, Gold Elephant Bush or Rainbow Bush, it is native to South Africa. A vigorous, easily grown…

  • Money Tree

    Portulacaria afra

    This plant is a favoured food of elephants in its native habitat, South Africa’s Cape Province, KwaZulu-Natal and Transvaal, and Swaziland, hence its common name of Elephant Bush. Also called Money Tree, this Portulacaria works beautifully in hanging baskets as “spiller”, or as an addition to an indoor or outdoor succulent collection. Best grown in…

  • Reverse Variegation Rainbow Bush

    Portulacaria afra tricolour

    Usually grown as a houseplant, this slow-grower has multi-coloured foliage which forms dense mats of soft creams, greens and reds. Its many thick stems are reddish-brown while its glossy leaves are green and cream. Flowers are small and lavender-pink. Due to its compact size and slow growth rate it is perfect for small spaces, as…