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  • Baby Frogs

    Plectranthus prostratus

    Also known as “Succulent Swedish Ivy” and “Pillow Plant”, this tiny perennial succulent is native to South Africa and is popular as an ornamental foliage. Growing up to 20cm tall, it is a creeping succulent with many-branched stems which form a dense, velvety, furry, mat. Its proliferation of small, chubby, lime-green leaves with toothed margins…

  • Mock Lavender

    Plectranthus neochilus

    Mock lavender is a perennial ground cover, with fleshy leaves and an aromatic fragrance that deter snakes, mosquitoes and insects. In the colder months of winter it will prolifically flower stretching the tall purple flower stalks. Such a versatile plant can be used indoor/outdoor, ground cover, hanging basket or in a single pot. There are…

  • Mozzy Buster

    Plectranthus coleoides

    An old-fashioned favourite, this is a perky, bright, mounding groundcover featuring slightly aromatic mint-like leaves with a cute scalloped edge and variegated in white and mid-green. Blooms are tiny pink or white flowers. Regarded as an easygoing, well-behaved specimen, it makes a perfect houseplant in window boxes or hanging baskets. It also works well in…

  • Vicks Plant

    Plectranthus tomentosa

    This hard-to-find member of the mint family is a soft succulent whose leaves, when crushed, emit a menthol scent very reminiscent of Vicks Vaporub, hence the common name “Vicks Plant”, and in fact the plant can be used medicinally as a decongestant. A rapidly growing upright herb reaching around 50cm tall, its thick, fleshy leaves…