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  • Baby Rubber Plant

    Peperomia obtusifolia

    This flowering evergreen perennial plant is also known as Pepperface Plant and comes from a genus with more than 1000 species. Growing up to 30cm tall, it is an ornamental foliage whose leaves have a traditional, fleshy, succulent look and feel about them. The glossy, dark green leathery leaves are bushy in appearance and feature…

  • Pearly Columns

    Peperomia columella

    Known as “Pearly Columns”, this intriguing plant is a real must for all succulent enthusiasts. Native to Peru, it has rope-like stems covered in tiny, chubby, horseshoe-shape fleshy leaves. At first upright, stems become pendent over time, making them the perfect choice for cascading over hanging baskets. A low maintenance plant, well suited to the…

  • Pincushion Peperomia

    Peperomia ferreyrae

    A drought tolerant succulent shrub native to Peru, this short annual forms upright bushy mounds up to 30cm tall. Its green stems carry thin, narrow, whorled lime-green leaves that feature a darker green window along their top surface. Grown for its small size, delicate leaves and striking foliage, the Pincushion Peperomia, or Happy Bean, is…

  • Prayer Pepper

    Peperomia dolabriformis

    A collector’s item among succulent fans, the “Prayer Pepper” is an evergreen hailing from Peru which is popular for its versatility, making an excellent low maintenance houseplant or groundcover. A robust perennial admired for its unique foliage featuring vine-like stems bearing unusual glossy, lime-coloured leaves which are fused to appear windowed. The ‘windows’ on these…

  • Ruby Glow

    Peperomia graveolens

    This beautiful plant is rare and highly sought after. A mini shrub-like succulent that is often used as filler, it is also a stunning standalone potplant. Emerging from a red stem are many V-shaped, fenestrated (windowed) green leaves that feature glowing wine-red undersides. It will bloom with yellowish-white flowers. A slow-grower, it eventually reaches around…

  • Variegated Rubber Plant

    Peperomia obfusifolia variegata

    Variegated Rubber Plant, Peperomia obfusifolia variegata, is a stunning dwarf flowering succulent native to Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean that makes an excellent decorative indoor plant. Growing up to 30cm tall, this plant features glossy, rounded green leaves with pale yellow margins, making it an ideal understory plant. While it can flower with small white…