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  • Mini Moon Stones

    Pachyphytum compactum

    It’s easy to see why this perennial succulent has been given the pretty common names Mini Moon Stones or Little Jewel—its leaves display a distinctive multi-coloured jewel pattern, which succulent collectors find irresistible. The plump, green or grey-based leaves are grape-sized and coated with a protective powder called farina. They can have orange, violent, red…

  • Sugaralmond Plant

    Pachyphytum oviferum

    This adorable Mexican native is one of the most beautiful succulent plants available. Its leaves are plump, rounded and powdery-coated, giving the appearance of a sugared almond and leading to its common name, “Sugaralmond Plant “. It is also known widely as “Moonstones”. Its white stems and ghostly coloured globe-like leaves form a rosette at…