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  • Couch Buttons

    Orostachys spinosus

    “This is a rare and unusual alpine succulent to get your hands on. There are 14 species in the Orostachys species of spiral rosette-formers with this amazing symmetry. Couch Buttons is which which forms an unusual cone-shaped flower stalk leading another of its common names, “Dunce’s Cap”. They’re only tiny, growing up to 5cm and…

  • Dunce Caps

    Orostachys iwarenge var. boehmeri

    Dunce Caps, or Chinese Dunce Caps, are captivating succulents known as Orostachys iwarenge var. boehmeri. With their low-growing, clumping habit, these plants stand out in any collection. Rather than producing offset pups from the base like most succulents, Dunce Caps form pups on long stems atop the plant, resembling flowers. Over time, these pups grow…

  • Dunce Caps Variegated

    Orostachys iwarenge var. boehmeri variegata

    Common Names: Variegated Dunce Caps, Variegated Chinese Dunce Caps Description: The Dunce Caps are a low growing clumping succulent which can be easily identified by its unique way of producing pups. Instead of growing offset pups from the base of the plant like many other succulents, the Orostachys will develop pups on long stems from…

  • Genkai

    Orostachys 'Genkai'

    The Orostachys Genkai is a charming and delicate clumping ground cover that is perfect for personal collections. This succulent plant sprouts “pups” attached to long stems from each larger rosette, adding to its beauty and unique growth pattern. The rosettes of this small clumping succulent can grow up to 15 cm in diameter and feature…