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  • Big Octopus Arms

    Monadenium stapelioides

    A beautiful succulent perennial herb which produces many multi-coloured stems, branching at the base of a large, fleshy rootstock to form a domed cushion up to 60 cm wide. Triangular-shaped leaves are light green with hints of pinkish-purple stripes in bright light. Stems are cylindrical and upright to begin with before hanging down and are…

  • Monadenium Elegans

    Monadenium biselegans

    Gorgeous succulent tree-like shrub native to Tanzania. It has few stems and features wavy, crisped, pin-striped leaves with light red margins. Leaves top long, slender stems covered in spines and blooming with pink-blue striped flowers tinged with red in springtime. Growing up to around 3.5m tall, this shrubby Monadenium has a trunk covered in shredding,…

  • Monadenium guentheri

    Monadenium guentheri

    In its native southeast Kenya, the Sausage Spurge grows in open grass scrubs, but for succulent enthusiasts it makes a wonderfully unusual container plant of around half a metre tall and wide. A stout perennial succulent with long, cylindrical stems featuring spiny, fleshy, sickle-shaped leaves. Mature plants will look like a tangle of sausages. Moderately…

  • Monadenium ritchiei ssp. marsabitense

    Monadenium ritchiei ssp. marsabitense

    This rare Kenyan species gets its name from the province it is native to: Marsabit. It is a rare succulent with a columnar shape, made up of darkish green stems branching from the base, which form a large clump. Stems, which have small protrusions arranged on them in spirals, will blush red in full sun….

  • Octopus Arms

    Monadenium ellenbeckii

    Commonly known as “Octopus Arms”, this low-growing shrubby succulent has fleshy, serpentine stems emerging out of a central base. Stems are sleek and velvety mid-green and feature ‘art deco’ style grooves on round surfaces which give a corduroy effect. Over time, this creeper will form a clump, and its green flowers will take on a…

  • Red Flowering Monodenium

    Monadenium coccineum

    An easy to grow perennial succulent that is native to Tanzania. Large and bushy, it is commonly called “Masai Spurge” or “Red Flowering Monadenium” and is synonymous with Euphorbia neococcinea. It features thick, yellow-green vine-like stems that can reach a metre long, and broad, wavy, serrated-edge leaves with pink margins. In bloom, vivid scarlet to…

  • Richey

    Monadenium ritchiei

    Native to Eastern Africa and Kenya, this rare succulent is small and clumping, forming compact mats over time. It has a column-like shape, branching from the base, with short, thick, light green stems with small spines. Large leaves form which are light green and fleshy, and in enough light will take on a purple colour….