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  • Paint Brush Lily Red

    Malephora crocea

    Introducing the vibrant Paint Brush Lily Red, scientifically known as Malephora crocea. This delightful succulent showcases a mesmerizing display of vivid red blooms that resemble a painter’s brushstrokes, hence its charming common name. Malephora crocea is a low-growing succulent with thick, fleshy leaves that form a dense mat of foliage. Its brilliant red flowers steal…

  • Paint Brush Lily Yellow

    Malephora lutea

    An evergreen succulent native to South Africa, this plant is characterised by its bright green foliage and showy blooms forming dense mats reaching around 2m wide and 25cm tall. It has cylindrical to semi-hemispherical smooth, fleshy leaves and regularly blooms with yellow flowers which strongly attract bees. A fantastic, reliable, vibrant yellow groundcover, it is…