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  • Apron Strings

    Kalanchoe synsepala

    This beautiful, easy to grow and unique looking succulent is native to Madagascar. A vertical grower, it grows up to half a metre tall. When its long stems reach back down to the ground, it takes root, leading to its common name of Walking Kalanchoe. Prized for their long-lasting, gorgeous flowers which are tubular in…

  • Blooming Boxes

    Kalanchoe prolifera

    Hailing from Madagascar, these unusual evergreen spreading succulent shrubs are fast-growing and can reach 4m in height. They are known for having leaves with a unique otherworldly appearance which make them an interesting element in a garden or container planting. Sometimes also cultivated as a hedge, this perennial is quite easy to grow and prefer…

  • Chandelier Plant

    Kalanchoe manginii

    Native to central-southern Madagascar, Chandelier Plants are sometimes also known as Manginii Kalanchoe, Beach Bells, or Madagascar Wax-Bells. A perennial, decorative succulent typically used in hanging baskets, with deep green leaves and bright red bell-shaped flowers, growing up to about 30-40 cm tall and wide. Very low-maintenance plant, preferring only warmth, in full sun to…

  • Copper Spoons

    Kalanchoe orgyalis

    Native to southern and southwestern Madagascar, this is a slow-growing bushy shrub with many branches, reaching heights of up 2 metres or taller but is more commonly smaller. Features attractive coppery-coloured, oval-shaped leaves that cup upwards to the sun and are covered in a felt of cinnamon-coloured hairs that have a sandpaper like touch. These…

  • Desert Surprise

    Kalanchoe humilis

    Kalanchoe humilis have long grey fleshy leaves delicate pale pink to lilac flowers that rise up 25cm above the plant. Flowers are long-lasting and vivid. Low growing shrub though it can achieve 90cm tall, 30cm wide if given full sun, low water and well draining soil.

  • Donkey’s Ears

    Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri

    Why the long ears? This succulent has been given its moniker thanks to its enormous grey-green leaves that grow up to 50cm long and are covered in grey, velvet-like hairs to give it that fetching donkey’s ears appearance. Native to Madagascar, they’re liked for their offbeat shape as well as their general colouring–grey foliage with…

  • Placeholder

    Double Flaming Katy

    Kalanchoe blossfeldiana cv. Calandiva

    Kalanchoe blossfeldiana cv. Calandiva, also known as Double Flaming Katy, is a cultivar renowned for its vibrant and abundant blooms. It features double-flowered blossoms, which means each flower head has multiple layers of petals, creating a lush and full appearance. The flowers come in a variety of colors including red, pink, orange, and white, making…

  • Elephant’s Ear

    Kalanchoe beharensis

    A beautiful ornamental when confined to a container, this slow growing succulent is a tree-like shrub which is actually the largest of the Kalanchoes. Native to south Madagascar, it can reach around 3m tall but is more often grown to about 1m tall and wide. Leaves are triangular with a velvet-like covering of hairs and…

  • Flapjack

    Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

    A distinctive ornamental, Flapjack is so named because of how its leaves are formed, giving the appearance of pancake stack. A popular easy care desert succulent, it is perfect for both landscaping and indoors. Also known by the names Desert Cabbage and Paddle Plant, it features a basal rosette of big, round, fleshy leaves that…

  • Florist Kalanchoe

    Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

    Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a popular houseplant known for its vibrant, clustered flowers that come in various colors such as red, pink, yellow, or orange. The glossy, dark green leaves are fleshy and often have a red margin, adding to its visual appeal. Native to Madagascar, this succulent thrives in well-drained soil and prefers bright, indirect…

  • Harpoon Leaf Kalanchoe

    Kalanchoe kewensis

    A medium sized evergreen succulent, this is a popular houseplant thanks to its showy, long-lasting bright pink flowers. Achieving a height of around 45cm, it produces unusual, antler-like leaves. Liking full sun to partial or dappled shade, it is drought tolerant and well suited to the waterwise garden and xeriscaping. Kalanchoes are known to be…

  • Lavender Scallops

    Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

    A gorgeous, easy-going houseplant, this plant is coveted for its pretty lavender edged, scallop-shaped foliage and pretty, bell-shaped pink flowers. A low-growing, perennial, shrubby succulent, its distinctive, fleshy, leaves are dusted in white powder. Their colour can be manipulated by adjusting light conditions—with bright light producing a more lavender colour and strong sunlight producing pinker…

  • Long-Flower Kalanchoe

    Kalanchoe longiflora

    Long-Flower Kalanchoe Botanical Names: Kalanchoe longiflora Enjoyed for its vibrant yellow, long-lasting flowers, and its multi-coloured foliage, this sparse shrub grows to around 40cm tall. It features quadrangular, fleshy branches with upward facing tips and limpet-shell shaped leaves. Leaves are gorgeous blueish-grey-green and covered in waxy bloom. Edges of leaves become pinkish to crimson in…

  • Marnier’s Kalanchoe

    Kalanchoe marnieriana

    A Madagascan native also known as Marnier’s Kalanchoe, this succulent shrublet has flat, paddle-shaped leaves of a blue-sea green that are pinkish brown at edges. In winter, leaves will take on a more overall pink tinge. All through the year, the plant is adorned with rosy pink to red flowers hanging off red stalks at…

  • Millot Kalanchoe

    Kalanchoe millotii

    This ornamental succulent plant is usually grown indoors as a houseplant. An upright growing, bushy, perennial sub-shrub, it features tall stems and attractive velvety, silver-lime green foliage with scalloped edges. The leaves are oval-shaped, a soft green and have a dense felt covering giving them a fuzzy look. Clusters of long-lasting pale pink blooms are…

  • Panda Plant

    Kalanchoe tomentosa

    Commonly called “Panda Plant” or “Pussy Ears”, due to the shape and tone of its silver leaves edged with brown-black spots and markings. The leaves are long and oval-shaped and have a dense felt covering and form rosettes up to 60cm wide. Makes a wonderful indoor container plant or in outdoor hanging baskets. Looks absolutely…