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  • Drunkard’s Dream

    Hatiora salicornioides

    This little bushy cactus shrub is typically grown for its glorious burst of bell-shaped orange-yellow flowers. Growing up to 60cm tall, Dancing Bones is slender, erect and arching, with bottle-shaped segmented stems. An epiphytic cactus, meaning it grows on other plants, it is native to Brazil. Relatively easy to care for provided it is given…

  • Fairy Cactus

    Hatiora rosea

    This is an easy to grow tropical perennial succulent native to Brazil. Popular as a foliage plant, it is a fairly erect, slightly arching bushy cactus with unique jointed stems coloured reddish to dark green with notched margins. It features pretty rose-coloured flowers, lending it its alternative common names of Rose Easter Cactus and Pink…

  • Pink Easter Cactus

    Hatiora gaertneri ' pink'

    This tropical cactus is so-named due to its habit of blooming around the northern hemisphere’s Easter holiday, providing a delicate burst of star-shaped flowers of pink, white and crimson. With a single, stubby stem producing pale green leaf segments which widen and fatten with age, the cactus will develop into a branching, pendant, leafless shrub…

  • Red Easter Cactus

    Hatiora gaertneri 'red'

    A tropical cactus from southeastern Brazil. It features a solitary stem that holds pale green leaves and takes on a branching, pendant shape. It is a popular ornamental plant, grown for its stunning blooms which are star-shaped and bright red and crimson coloured. The plant takes its common name “Red Easter Cactus” because of its…