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  • Giant Cabuya

    Furcraea foetida

    An ornamental evergreen perennial shrub whose fantastic variegated foliage consists of upright, long, sword-shaped leaves with waxy margins, giving an overall appearance of a fountain of undulating ribbons. Its soft leaves are luminous green and it blooms with strongly scented cream-white to green flowers which attract bees. An attractive, exotic looking landscaping element that creates…

  • Mauritius Hemp

    Furcraea foetida mediopicta

    Introducing the magnificent Furcraea foetida mediopicta, commonly known as Mauritius Hemp. This evergreen succulent perennial commands attention with its impressive width, spanning up to 3 meters. Its broad, arching leaves gracefully cascade from a central point, adorned with captivating variegation. The standout feature of Furcraea foetida mediopicta is its striking central stripe or “mediopicta” in…