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  • Shark’s Jaws

    Faucaria britteniae

    These prehistoric looking succulents are compact, rosette-forming plants native to South Africa. Their common names “Shark’s Jaws” and “Tiger’s Jaw” reflect the way leaves resemble the shape of a predator’s jaws. Clumping prolifically, this small, shrubby perennial forms an ever-expanding carpet of rosettes made of grey-green, triangular leaves with soft teeth. Leaves may have sprinklings…

  • Tiger’s Jaw

    Faucaria tigrina

    The Tiger’s Jaws is a strangely terrifying succulent. Growing in a clumping form, it has triangular leaves with a row of teeth along the edge but are used to collect water instead of devouring prey. During Spring the Tiger’s Jaw will flaunt beautiful yellow flowers. This succulent needs part shade to full sun and to…