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  • Afterglow

    Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

    Introducing Afterglow, the epitome of pink-edged succulent cuteness! Originally hailing from the picturesque mountains of northern Mexico, this rosette succulent is a true delight to behold. Its stunning wide leaves boast a dreamy quality, adorned with beautiful hues of powdery pink and purple, gracefully edged in lighter shades of pink. The Afterglow’s large, purple rosettes,…

  • Alpina

    Echeveria alpina

    Introducing Alpina, a delightful member of the Echeveria family. Known for its ease of care and adaptability, this succulent is a fantastic addition to any garden or indoor collection. With its versatile nature, Alpina can thrive in various light and moisture conditions, making it a reliable and resilient choice. Whether you place it in a…

  • Andrews Choice

    Echeveria 'Andrews Choice'

    Echeveria ‘Andrews Choice’ is a striking rosette-forming succulent. Its fleshy, spatulate leaves are typically pale green, often exhibiting subtle hints of pink or red, especially when exposed to high light conditions. The leaves form a tight rosette that can grow up to 15 cm in diameter. The plant often produces tall arching inflorescences bearing bell-shaped,…

  • Argentine Echeveria

    Echeveria palida

    Argentine Echeveria are a fast growing succulent which can grow up to 50cm tall and 25cm wide. This variety is easily characterised by its large rosettes of bright green, spoon-shaped leaves. The red to pink coloured margins become more vibrant in the extremes of summer and winter and accentuate the natural curves of the large florets.

  • Benbadis

    Echeveria 'Benbadis'

    Echeveria ‘Benbadis’ is a captivating succulent admired for its aesthetic appeal. Characterized by rosettes of thick, fleshy leaves, this plant typically boasts a gradient of colors, often transitioning from a green center to pink or reddish margins. The leaves are commonly slightly cupped, giving the rosette a unique, almost sculptural appearance. Native to semi-desert areas…

  • Black Prince

    Echeveria ‘Black Prince’

    Echeveria ‘Black Prince’ is a hybrid between the seed parent Echeveria shaviana and the pollen parent Echeveria affinis. A dwarf plant growing just 15cm tall and 21cm wide, this is a gorgeous evergreen succulent that produces offsets known as chicks, leading to its colloquial name Black Hens and Chicks. These chicks begin as a green…

  • Blue Curls

    Echeveria 'blue curls'

    Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’ is a rosette-forming succulent with a striking appearance. Its broad, wavy leaves are a shimmering blue-green, edged with ruffled pinkish-red margins. The dense rosettes can grow up to 8 inches in diameter, making it a standout in any collection. Originating from the arid regions of Central America, this Echeveria prefers well-draining soil…

  • Blue Rose

    Echeveria imbricata 2

    The Blue Rose, scientifically known as Echeveria imbricata, is a remarkable succulent renowned for its stunning appearance. This variety of Echeveria is a hybrid between Echeveria glauca and Echeveria metallica, resulting in its unique characteristics. During the cooler months, the Blue Rose produces striking orange to red flowers that adorn long and leafy flower spikes….

  • Branching Painted Echeveria

    Echeveria nodulosa

    Originally from Mexico, Echeveria nodulosa is a small branched sub-shrub to around 20cm high. With stunning foliage colours with colourful markings, it is an erect succulent. Stems are and 60cm long and olive green rosettes are up to 12cm wide and marked with bright red colour on the margins and at the centre. When blooming,…

  • Brown Sugar

    Echeveria racemosa

    Brown Sugar is a uniquely shaped Echeveria with elongated leaves forming an open star-like rosette. The crowns develop leaves that are green in the crowns and blend into a brownish-burgundy colour in the tips, comparable to the colour of brown sugar. With characteristics like these, this little succulent is as sweet as can be.

  • Chalk Rose

    Echeveria lucita

    The Chalk Rose succulent, also known as the Echeveria lucita, is a stunning plant that can add a touch of pastel beauty to any garden. Its delicate rosettes boast chalky white foliage with subtle hints of pink and blue on the margins, making it a unique and eye-catching addition to any succulent collection. The Chalk…

  • Chenille plant

    Echeveria pilosa

    Echeveria pilosa, also known as Chenille plant, is a distinctive succulent, appreciated for its decorative appeal. It is characterized by its rosette-forming leaves that are densely covered with white, hairy filaments, giving it a soft, fuzzy appearance. The leaves are typically green with red tips, adding to its ornamental value. This plant is native to…

  • Copper Rose

    Echeveria multicaulis

    The Copper Rose has been named after it’s visual characteristics of striking copper coloured margins on its bright green foliage. This copper colouration can become more prominent and and vibrant when under stress or when exposed to more sunlight and will naturally appear more green during cooler months.

  • Crested Alpina

    Echeveria alpina 'cristata'

    The Crested Alpina forms bluish green rosettes that are tightly clumped. Echeveria are easy to grow and tolerate sun, shade, moist or dry soil, but really thrive with good light levels and regular watering. Ideal outdoors in full sun.

  • Echeveria 'blue curls' crestata - 130 mm pot - top view

    Crested Blue Curls

    Echeveria 'blue curls' crestata

    Crested Blue Curls is a captivating Echeveria that is sure to add a touch of uniqueness to any garden or indoor space. Its flat, wide fans can grow up to 30cm in width and boast thick, lush foliage with blue-green leaves and striking pink to deep purple tones in its curly margins. During the blooming…

  • Placeholder

    Cubic Frost

    Echeveria 'Cubic Frost'

    Echeveria ‘Cubic Frost’ is a striking and contemporary succulent known for its unique appearance and coloration. This hybrid Echeveria stands out with its opalescent, lilac-pink leaves that have a distinctive, almost cubic shape, giving it a sculptural and modern look. The leaves are thick, fleshy, and form a tight, symmetrical rosette. This plant thrives in…