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  • Pineapple Dyckia

    Dyckia brevifolia

    The Pineapple Dyckia, also known as the Mini Agave or Sawblade, is a beautiful succulent that adds a unique touch to any garden or indoor setting. Its botanical name is Dyckia brevifolia, and it is native to Brazil where it thrives in a range of climates. This succulent typically blooms in the warmer months, producing…

  • Wide-Leafed Dyckia

    Dyckia platyphylla

    The Wide-Leafed Dyckia, also known as Dyckia platyphylla, is a striking succulent plant with spiny leaves and vibrant orange-yellow bell-like flowers that bloom on a tall stem reaching up to 90cm in height. This plant is native to Brazil and thrives in tropical climates, but it can also be grown successfully in Australian gardens by…