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  • Giant Squill

    Drimiopsis kirkii

    Introducing the Drimiopsis Kirkii, also known as the Giant Squill! Native to the scenic landscapes of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, this stunning houseplant brings a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any indoor space. Resembling its smaller counterpart, the Green Squill, this undemanding perennial boasts a larger stature, reaching a…

  • Little White Soldiers

    Drimiopsis maculata

    Possessing a quirky charm, this quite fast-growing evergreen to semi-deciduous groundcover forms a small clump only around 12cm tall and wide. Native to South Africa, its thick green succulent leaves are speckled in dark green to almost black leopard-like spots. It features tight clusters of little white flower buds that are aromatic, but the plant…