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  • Dwarf Bromeliad

    Deuterocohnia brevifolia - Green

    The Dwarf Bromeliad is a charming succulent plant that belongs to both the bromeliad and tillandsioideae (air plant) family. Its unique features include heavily spined green to grey-green foliage that forms individual rosettes. This slow-growing variety is known to appreciate a rocky substrate to root to in order to multiply. The attractive green flowers of…

  • Dwarf Chlorantha Bromeliad

    Deuterocohnia brevifolia var. chlorantha

    A miniature ornamental bromeliad native to Argentina and Bolivia. Each individual rosette of this bromeliad only grows up to 2cm wide but a mature plant will form large dense mats with no size limitations. Although this succulent is extremely slow growing so it’s size is very easily managed, this little character can fill any pot…