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  • Paddle Plant

    Cotyledon macrantha

    An unusual looking plant, native to South Africa, this Cotyledon has the common names “Paddle Plant” and “Green Pig’s Ear” due to the paddle or ear shape of its leaves, which are green but stained with a red-wine line around the edges. An evergreen succulent shrub growing up to a metre tall and wide, its…

  • Pixie Bean

    Cotyledon papillaris

    A dwarf Cotyledon has small green leaves with reddish to pink margins on the leaves. Grows as a ground cover so will typically spill out of a pot, making it perfect for hanging baskets or kept as an ornate ground cover. Flowers: Stems grow with a cluster of red-orange bells with re-curved petal tips. Size:…

  • Sticky Fingers

    Cotyledon teretifolia

    One of 10 species of this stonecrop genus native to South Africa, this perennial leaf and stem succulent branches and spreads to form low shrubs and is often used as a groundcover, though it also works very well as a display plant in containers indoors. It features evergreen leaves which are hairy, finger-shaped, and coloured…