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  • Peruvian Grape Ivy

    Cissus rotundifolia

    The perfect beginner’s plant as it thrives on neglect! This East African native is a rare and strange addition to your houseplant collection. Coming from a genus of about 350 species of the vine plant Cissus, the “Peruvian Grape Ivy” or “Arabian Wax Leaf” is an especially beautiful climbing plant, sending its tendrils around whatever…

  • Veldt Grape

    Cissus quadrangularis

    The Cissus quadrangularis, commonly known as Hadjod or Veldt Grape, is a fascinating plant that belongs to both the grape and succulent families. Its foliage resembles that of a grape vine, but with thick, sausage-shaped segments featuring four prominent ribs running the length of each stem. This succulent also produces delicate flowers and small red…