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  • Red African Star Fish

    Stapelia gigantea

    A low, perennial succulent with upright spineless stems of greenish red, with velvety, quadrangular, leaves, whose most distinctive features is its unusually large flowers, one of the largest in the plant world. The fleshy, leathery, star-shaped flowers are pale ochre-yellow with thin maroon lines and emit a foul scent of rotting meat which attracts pollinators,…

  • Red Bells

    Stapelia leendertziae

    Native to Swaziland, this is a tufted creeping species which features long, erect, quadrangular, pale green to reddish stems and cup-shaped, purplish-brown flowers which emit a foul-smelling odor for the purposes of attracting pollinators. A versatile plant, its trailing habit makes it look appealing cascading over containers, while when planted in the ground, it will…