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  • Bits And Pieces

    Rhipsalis disocactus

    Rhipsalis disocactus ‘Bits And Pieces’ is a hybrid variety of epiphytic cactus known for its striking appearance. It features slender, segmented stems that drape and trail, adorned with vibrant pink flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer. The flowers are tubular in shape and can be quite showy, adding a splash of color…

  • Boot Strap Rhipsalis

    Rhipsalis micrantha

    This particular plant is a very rare subspecies and is native only to rainforests of Southern Ecuador. Beautiful and unusual plant prized by collectors! It features small, white flowers on long, segmented stems either flat or triangular in shape depending on their age and can grow up to a metre long. Bootstrap Rhipsalis are flowering…

  • Chain Cactus

    Rhipsalis paradoxa

    Hanging down in chain-like clusters that are a metre long or more, these succulents make a pretty cool plant! Chain Cactus looks especially effective making up a hanging basket of glossy green “dreadlocks”. Rhipsalis plants are super hardy and highly collectable tropical or jungle succulents that come in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and…

  • Coral Breeze

    Rhipsalis cassutha

    Rhipsalis are jungle cacti, with about 35 species, all commonly known as Mistletoe Cactus as they bear little fruits that resemble mistletoe berries. Native to Africa, Sri Lanka and South America, they are epiphytic plants, meaning they grow on other plants, but they have adapted to be able to grow in soil. A shaggy haired…

  • Crispy Rhipsalis

    Rhipsalis crispmarginata

    Introducing the enchanting Rhipsalis crispmarginata, affectionately known as the Crispy Rhipsalis. This unique and captivating succulent will instantly grab your attention with its delicate and intriguing appearance. The Crispy Rhipsalis features long, trailing stems adorned with a stunning display of thin, flat segments. Each segment possesses a distinctive wavy or “crispy” margin, giving this plant…

  • Ewaldiana

    Rhipsalis ewaldiana

    Rhipsalis ewaldiana is a species of cactus known for its unique, slender, and trailing stems. The stems are green, cylindrical, and often branched, giving the plant an attractive, cascading appearance. Small white flowers may appear on mature plants, adding to its ornamental appeal. Native to the rainforests of Brazil, this epiphytic cactus thrives in humid,…

  • Jungle Cactus Rhipsalis

    Rhipsalis cruciformis

    Most are epiphytic (live in trees) and have hanging stems making them excellent hanging basket specimens. They are classified as jungle cacti, loving some humidity and shade, so keep moist throughout the year and they also benefit from misting. Commonly grown indoors, they must be carefully placed away at least 50cm away from sunny windows…

  • Large Pom Pom

    Rhipsalis baccifera ssp.

    An epiphytic (grows on other plants) jungle cactus, this Rhipsalis is prized for its abundance of tiny yellow to silvery-green flowers held on elegant, drooping, cylindrical stems, which bloom all season long. in nature it can reach heights of up to 9 m, but is much smaller in cultivation. Like all Rhipsalis succulents, this is…

  • Large Rhipsalis

    Rhipsalis grandiflora

    A beautiful perennial evergreen succulent, this Brazilian native is a jungle cactus, so it thrives in a rainforest-like atmosphere of humidity and filtered, partial shade. It can tolerate full sun if not direct, which can burn the leaves. This Rhipsalis features numerous tiny rosy or cream flowers scattered along its reddish, stout branches. One of…

  • Mesembryanthemoides

    Rhipsalis mesembryanthemoides

    Rhipsalis mesembryanthemoides is a unique epiphytic cactus, characterized by its slender, elongated, and densely branched stems. The stems are green, cylindrical, and covered with tiny bristles, giving the plant a soft and fuzzy appearance. Small white flowers may appear along the stems, adding to its charm. Native to the rainforests of Brazil, this plant thrives…

  • Mistletoe Cactus

    Rhipsalis baccifera

    The Mistletoe Cactus, also known as the Spaghetti Cactus, is an impressive epiphytic plant that can thrive in a hanging basket with soil, much like any other succulent. This tropical cactus produces long, rope-like branches with bright green fleshy stems adorned with darker nodes down each stem. During its blooming season, this remarkable cactus develops…

  • Mouse Tail Cactus

    Rhipsalis baccifera subsp. horrida

    The “Mouse Tail Cactus” is an epiphytic cactus native to Madagascar. A jungle cactus, this plant is a clone off Rhipsalis baccifera, but looks quite different. A dark green, slim plant with noodle-like foliage, stems are pale green and branch from the base, covered with reddish-brown bristly spines as long as 50cm. Being a climber,…

  • Old Man’s Beard

    Rhipsalis capilliformis

    The Rhipsalis genus has over 60 species native to South America. Most are epiphytic (that is, they live in trees). Due to their trailing habit, they are popular for hanging baskets, draping their delicate, hair-like stems beautifully over the edges. This Rhipsalis is known as “Old Man’s Beard” for obvious reasons! An evergreen with cute,…

  • Pancheco

    Rhipsalis pancheco leonis

    This is a rare species of plant in the Cactacaeae family, endemic to Brazil where it threatened by habitat loss. One of the epiphytic jungle cacti Rhipsalis, it thrives in subtropical or tropical climates and therefore prefers humidity and filtered light rather than direct sun. With a creeping to pendant habit, it produces many irregular…

  • Pom Pom Plant

    Rhipsalis cereuscula

    Shrubby cactuses reaching a height of around 60cm, they have long, trailing stems which make them popular for hanging plants, where they can cascade down from containers. Stems are lime green and tips turn reddish brown when cold, and flowers are small and white. Commonly called “Pompom Plant” or “Coral Cactus”, these hail from South…

  • Ribbed Rhipsalis

    Rhipsalis pentaptera

    Rhipsalis plants are naturally found living on trees (epiphytic) in South and Central American rainforest jungles. They are popular for their trailing, hanging habit, which sees their long slender stems cascade over the edges of pots and baskets. A wonderful choice for mounting or planting in a hanging display. This unmistakable variety hails from Brazil…