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  • Stapelia Dummeri

    Orbea dummeri

    This curious looking perennial succulent is a member of the greater Milkweed family (Asclepiadoideae), and features clustering mounds of four-angled, branching succulent stems that have amazing purple spots or stripes and slender teeth. In bright light, base colour becomes almost white with just a tinge of green. The plant usually grows to just 10cm tall…

  • Star Fish Plant

    Orbea variegata

    A soft stemmed succulent which over time forms big clumps. Sprawling, clustering stems are long, toothed, and coloured apple green to grey-green. If grown in the sun, stems are mottled with purple. Flowers are large and starfish shaped, greenish-yellow and patterned with chocolate, purple or bronze blotches. Petals are lined with clubshaped hairs that flutter…