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  • Chin Cactus

    Gymnocalycium anisitsii

    The Chin Cactus can be either a slow-clustering or singular ball cactus. Spines grow intermittently down the ridges surrounding the cactus and are usually yellow-brown in colour and can become twisted when grows up to 6 cm long. Flowers: White or pale pink flowers grow up to 6 cm long Size: Range up to 15…

  • Gym Ball Cactus

    Gymnocalycium damsii var. multi proliferum

    A sun-loving succulent native to southern Brazil, this highly decorative plant is distinguished by its heavily branched habit and neat appearance. Its stems grow up to 10cm tall and wide and leaves are olive green to bronze in colour. White to pale pink flowers are produced almost continuously all year. This plant needs a lot…